Welcome to Sandy Hotel

Sandy Hotel is a resort located in the beach with white sand, clear sea green with soft waves and shady coconut trees.

Sandy Hotel is the destination Great and bring you the most enjoyable experience when you come to us.
Come to Sandy Hotel, you will be in harmony with nature, be involved leisure activities, relaxing rest to get rid of all the troubles and chaos the surface of life. Luxurious resort with full range of amenities including a variety of rooms and Modern bungalow combines traditional style, Jacuzzi pool and multi-function pool restaurant system, conference room, amusement park, restaurant and beach ...
Sandy Hotel with fully equipped rooms and bungalows. The interior is decorated in a luxurious style blending the traditional features of the Vietnamese and the modern features of the West. We have staff who are professional training, professional and professional manner, dedicated service. Sandy Hotel offers a full range of convenient services, with fast check-in procedures, wi-fi Public free full coverage of the resort ...
The highlight of Sandy Hotel is the restaurant that offers both Oriental and Asian cuisine.
The West was built and served on the top floor. You can just reward. Have a good dinner and watch the starry sky and sea at night. In addition, guests can enjoy other services such as spa, gym room in resort area. It's great that, the practice of health, care of the village.
Your body is maintained regularly during long vacations.
Sandy Hotel confident to bring you the emotional excitement, the best experience, Best in your stay.
Come with us, we guarantee that you will not regret.