Hanoi Railway Station - formerly known as Hang Co Railway Station was built and opened in France in 1902. More than a century, Hanoi Railway Station has always been an important transportation hub of Vietnam in general, of Hanoi Capital in particular.

Since June 1940, Ha Noi Communist Party (Ha Noi) has been established in Ha Noi to lead the railway workers against the oppression and rule of the French colonialists. During the resistance war against France, the Vietnamese Hoa contributed to the transport of goods and weapons; human resources, the strength of the army and the South resistance. By 1955, the General Railway Department was established and the General Directorate of Railway was born. At this time belonged to the Party General Directorate of Railways consisting of 6 branches, including the Station Branch of Hanoi. At this stage, the North stepped into economic development, wiped out the war crimes, and helped the South Vietnamese fight against the Americans and their henchmen.Following the resistance war against the United States, along with the entire railway sector, the Hanoi Party Committee led the staff of the Hanoi Railway Station to accept all sacrifices to keep the blood vessels of the railway transported, The battlefield is big, with the spirit: "Through the river without bridges, run non-gas train." In 1972, the American bombing of Hanoi, in which the Hanoi Railway was an important target, the Hanoi Party Committee and staff did not hesitate to sacrifice storage and transport of goods. train stations, train lines to ensure smooth traffic. During this period, many groups and individuals in the Railway Industry were awarded the title of hero by the Party and the State.Together with the entire Railway Industry, the Party Committee of Hanoi Railway Station and all staff members of the station contributed a great part with our troops and people defeated the French colonialists, the American Empire, liberated the South and unified the country.

After the peace was restored and in the renovation period, Hanoi Railway Station was rebuilt more spacious, the station has become an important transport hub transporting passengers and goods with 5 railway lines in the country and international transportation, to meet the needs of the people of the capital and the people of the country. The party of the Hanoi Railway Station has been growing ever since. Now, Ga has 11 branches with 86 Party members, who are always pioneers, along with all employees.